Appearing to one of the sisters of her community shortly after her
death, St. Teresa of Avila told the sister that she would be willing
to return to a life of suffering on earth until the end of time if
thereby she could merit that degree of glory with which God rewards
one devoutly recited "Hail Mary." St. Paul speaks in like manner when
he says: "The sufferings of this life are not to be compared with the
glory to come."
If one short prayer is thus rewarded, what reward awaits those who
offer to the Eternal Father, the Precious Blood of Jesus. "An
offering," says Father Faber, is "More than a prayer." "In prayer we
are the recipients, but when we make an offering God vouchsafes to
accept something from us." In Our Lord's own words to Sister Mary
Martha Chambon, Apostle of the Holy Wounds, " To offer to the Eternal
Father the Sacred Wounds of Jesus is to offer Him His Glory, to offer
Heaven to Heaven." Each time you offer to My Father the merits of My
Divine Wounds," He said to her, "You gain an immense fortune . . .
You must not remain poor, your Father is very rich."
If you and I, at this very moment, were standing on the threshold of
eternity, we would see a limitless duration extending before us which
our vision would fail to terminate. Looking on this endlessness the
awful truth would come to us that the time of merit had passed
forever. The saints realized this truth while yet in life, and we can
see the vastness of their reward.
Those who have passed into eternity realize that there will be no
further opportunities for additional merit, for time has passed
forever. If regrets were possible in Heaven, unused opportunities
would be the cause, for the blessed know what greater capacity for
giving accidental honor to God they would have had if they had used
all their opportunities. Because of God's mercy they have no regrets,
but their status is sealed forever.
The position of the priest in heaven must be tremendous for he offers
daily a Victim-of-Infinite-Worth; and yet each one of us can offer the
same Victim in a different manner by sincerely saying:
"Eternal Father, I offer Thee the merits of the Most Precious Blood
of Jesus."
Just suppose that if you were to make the seven offerings each day.
It would take only a few minutes of time, and yet the vast merit
gained would last eternally.
What an investment!