“God, who is rich in mercy.” (Ephesians 2:4)

Heavenly Father, how great is your love! I am amazed at the depth of your mercy toward me. Your love is perfect and unchanging, and you never take your eyes off of me. You are all I need, for you sustain me with the bread of life and the cup of salvation. You are worthy of all praise and honor and glory!

From the very beginning, Father, your arms have always been open wide, ready to receive me whenever I return to you in repentance and humility. When I had turned away from you and my sin had separated me from you, you never forgot me. You never forsook me. You loved me so much that you let your only Son bear my sin on the cross. I was dead, but you brought me to life. I was mired in guilt, but you washed me clean. You gave me a new heart and a new mind. I rejoice that I can freely come to you and hear your words of life. I rejoice that I can know you as my Father!

Jesus, you are seated in the heav­ens with all authority and power. You are exalted as Lord over heaven and earth, and all praise and glory belong to you. I celebrate the fact that you have reached out your hand to me, inviting me to be seated in heaven with you. Yes, Lord! You have raised me up and given me authority over sin. You have given me power to resist the evil one. You have made me a coheir with you of all the riches and blessings of heaven. How can I help but praise you and love you?

Lord, you have done so much for me! When I was helpless and could do nothing on my own, you poured out grace so that I could believe in you and receive your help and power. You loved me first, so that I could turn and love you. How amaz­ing you are!

“Jesus, I rejoice in your amazing grace. I glory in your unfailing mercy. It is such a privilege to belong to you!”