The book of Exodus is not primarily about the Exodus. The plagues and the departure from Egypt are only an introduction to the book's final sixteen chapters, which deal with the Dwelling of God and its furnishings. This emphasis on the dwelling was an Israelite way of saying that the worship of God is the essence and goal of life. We are freed from Egypt's slavery and freed for worship at God's throne in Spirit and in truth (Jn 4:24).
Key word    DWELLING (tabernacle)
Key verse    "The God of the Hebrews has sent us word. Let us go a three days' journey in the desert, that we may offer sacrifice to the Lord, our God." —5:3
Command verse    "Then God delivered all these commandments: 'I, the Lord, am your God, Who brought you out of the land of Egypt, that place of slavery. You shall not have other gods besides me.' " —20:1-2
Promise verse    "For the Lord will go by, striking down the Egyptians. Seeing the blood on the lintel and the two doorposts, the Lord will pass over that door and not let the destroyer come into your houses to strike you down." —12:23
Difficult verse    "The Lord came upon Moses and would have killed him. But Zipporah took a piece of flint and cut off her son's foreskin and, touching his person, she said, 'You are a spouse of blood to me.' Then God let Moses go." —4:24-26
Surprise verse    "Let neither man nor woman make any more contributions for the sanctuary.' " —36:6
Prayer: Father, may my life-style leave me free to worship You and free to worship you freely.