LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Full of subtleties and surprises, "Google Exodus" uses Google Translate to say "Let my people go" in Egyptian. In addition, Moses uploads an amazing video of the plague of locusts to YouTube. Using Google Maps, the film switches to "street view" to show the miraculous Red Sea splitting.

"Judaism is as relevant today as it was 3,300 years ago when Moses led the Jews out of Egypt. Yet there's a perception that Judaism is somehow antiquated," Rabbi Shraga Simmons, senior editor of Aish.com says. "Telling the Exodus story through the medium of the Internet helps break that misconception."

"With Passover coming up, this film is a fun way to reach people who might otherwise not be interested," Simmons says. "This film enables us to communicate Jewish values in a language that everyone can understand."

"The cool thing is that the video is spreading via the same web tools featured in the video," Simmons adds.

People have responded to the film in a very positive way. "Google Exodus" quickly went viral. Within just five days of going live, the film has already registered over 1.2 million views on YouTube and over 76,000 "likes" on Facebook. In fact, this week "Google Exodus" ranks 4th place on the Guardian U.K.'s "Viral Video Chart."

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"Google Exodus" is also available, on Aish.com's sister sites, in Hebrew and Spanish.