• Franciscans strive to live the gospel, in the spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi.
  • Franciscans come from all walks of life...Laborers, Professionals, Housewives, Executives, Workers, Ordinary Citizens, Managers, Career people, Retirees, etc.
  • Franciscans come together monthly to replenish themselves spiritually and study God's way through Saint Francis
  • Franciscans improve their prayer life through study, sacramental & liturgical life, devotional life, and more.
  • Franciscans reach out to people in need.
  • Franciscans become involved in parish activities (they volunteer where there is a need).
  • Franciscans volunteer services in whatever areas appeals to them.
  • Franciscans promote family life.

FRANCISCANS are people with desires like YOURS.

How do I Learn About the Franciscan Way of Life?

  • First one seeks a Fraternity location from your parish priest or from a Secular Franciscan.
  • You express an interest to learn about the Secular Franciscans.
  • The Fraternity Welcomes You.
  • You receive information about the Order.
  • An member of the fraternity's formation team instructs you once a month.
  • Remember, You have no obligation to join, just to learn.
  • Then, if You would like to continue your studies, you are Admitted into the Secular Franciscan Order.
  • Your information and education about the Order continues at a deeper level.
  • You also attend meetings where Franciscan topics are presented and discussed.
  • In time, if you desire to make a permanent commitment to the Secular Franciscan way of life, you will make a written application to be professed. If you do, you are Professed into the Secular Franciscan Order.
  • You continue to learn about your Franciscan way of life through monthly meetings.

What are the Obligations of a Secular Franciscan?

Nothing binds you under sin except what binds you as a Catholic.


  • You join in the prayer of the Church by reciting a form of Liturgical prayer, suitable for Secular Franciscans.
  • You try to attend Mass as often as you can.
  • You say morning and night prayers.
  • You say prayers before and after every meal.
  • You examine your conscience nightly.
  • You pray for those in need: sick, suffering, dying...
  • Become an example to others through your life style.
  • Wear a symbol of your commitment -- a ' T ' shaped Cross.


  • Attend regular Fraternity meetings...
  • Participate in prayers & Mass.
  • Lead a discussion if you wish to.
  • Contribute to the Fraternity common fund for the missions, unwed mothers, charitable causes, needy, poor...
  • Try to attend a monthly Holy Hour.
  • Get to confession if needed, or confess often for the grace of the sacrament.

Please phone 1-800-FRANCIS for fraternity locations and other information

How long does it take to become a Secular Franciscan?

    If you are interested, come and observe for a couple of months. If you then decide to go forward, the next step is a 6-month Inquirer period. After completing those months, if you are still interested to go forward, you would become a Candidate. This is a 18 month period. Why these lengthy periods of formation? The Ministers of the Secular Franciscan Order feel that a thorough preparation would make it less likely than you would drop out once you are professed. A designated priest or deacon (usually a Franciscan himself) would accept the profession of a Candidate in the name of the Church. In other words, this is a public event, and your commitment is for life.

Blessing written by St. Francis

You and Secular Franciscans

Secular Franciscans are an Order of the Church, that is, a Lay Institute. There are about 430,000 Secular Franciscans in the world, in 100+ countries. Fraternities must have Canonical Approbation (by Canon Law) to exist. Secular Franciscans are 100% with the Church, the Holy Father and the Magisterium. In short, it is a vocation to a Way of Life.

  • You have to be called to serve.
  • You learn your calling by attending meetings.
  • You will never know if You are called unless You try.

St. Francis of Assisi