Because the Israelites did not join the Assyrian alliance, the Assyrians attempted to force them to die of thirst. However, the beautiful widow Judith saved the nation by beheading the drunk Holofernes, the commander of the Assyrian army. This again is the Exodus theme. God's people are victorious even in impossible circumstances for the sole reason that they are God's people.

Key word    VICTORY
Key verse    "Not for vengeance did the Lord put them in the crucible to try their hearts, nor has He done so with us. It is by way of admonition that He chastises those who are close to Him." —8:27
Command verse    "Judith urged them with a loud voice: 'Praise God, praise Him! Praise God, Who has not withdrawn His mercy from the house of Israel.' " —13:14
Promise verse    "Your strength is not in numbers, nor does Your power depend upon stalwart men; but You are the God of the lowly, the Helper of the oppressed, the Supporter of the weak, the Protector of the forsaken, the Savior of those without hope." —9:11
Difficult verse    "At daybreak they hung the head of Holofernes on the wall." —14:11
Surprise verse    "Soon afterward, she came out and handed over the head of Holofernes to her maid, who put it into her food pouch; and the two went off together as they were accustomed to do for prayer." —13:9-10
Prayer: Jesus, by Your power I claim victory over the Goliaths of abortion, pornography, starvation, homosexual acts, and racism.