I am a twenty-four year old mother of two who God has worked a miracle with during Mass. I had been medicated for months for a debilitating depression that I had suffered with following a number of painful life experiences. My husband is a recovering alcoholic who had been both physically and emotionally abusive. In desperation I sought to receive love from an absentee parent who I had never known; I found my father after a 24 year separation. He also was unable to fill that need for a total consuming love within me. Having to say good-bye to all of my childhood dreams of "Daddy", I became so depressed and lost in hurts of the past that until I was medicated, I had sat on the couch in front of the T.V. unable to give or receive love.

During the Mass, I experienced Jesus in such a powerful way! I had known the Lord since I was a teenager, yet, I had never experienced such love and peace as in this Mass. I wept through the readings, and as the Host was consecrated, I felt all of my pain and frustration lost into my Lord before me. When I received Communion I felt healed and I knew within me that Christ, my Master, had intervened and divinely healed me. That night, I had a choice; to believe in blind faith, that I had truly experienced the Lord, or if it was just a dream. I knew what I received was real indeed.

I spoke with my psychologist and told her I had been healed by the Master and would not be returning to medication. Following our conversation, she too believed the depression was indeed gone! Praise God!

Walking In The Light
Ann Ross Fitch & Fr. Robert DeGrandis S.S.J