I know a TALISMAN which never fails to open the gates of Divine Mercy. I know a RIVER which will carry us into the Promised Land. I know a PALM TREE which will overshadow and shelter us from the burning heat of our earthly exile. I know a SPRING whose refreshing waters slake our thirst in the desert of this life. I know a STAR which will guide us as the pillar of cloud guided Israel, across the sandy ocean of our existence to the end of the journey. I know a DEW which God sheds from Heaven and which must sustain us for the long remainder of the road we have to travel. I know a TREE whose Wood can sweeten the bitter waters which are our portion to drink here below, and make them give us a foretaste of the Heavenly Canaan. I know a VICTIM Whose Sacrifice ascends in an odor of sweetness to the God of Abraham. And this Talisman, this River, this Palm Tree, this Star, this Dew, this Victim is the DIVINE EUCHARIST!

Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Newsletter - October 1988
Fr. Augustine-Marie