In the desert of Sinai, God's caring love supplied the only means of survival for the Chosen People; likewise, through the Holy Eucharist, Jesus has supplied us with all our needs for our journey. Like the Israelites, we need food for our journey. Each day Jesus invites us to the inexhaustible fount of nourishment in the eucharistic banquet.

Each day as we come to join our eternal High priest in celebrating the Eucharist, we are assured that we are not journeying alone, but that Jesus is with us and within us every step of the way. As the lyrics of one modern song proclaims: "Lord Jesus, you shall be our song as we journey... "

The Mass is the very source in which we find hope and encouragement when the road seems rough and the traveling quite difficult if not seemingly impossible. Our courage and strength are renewed as we meet Jesus in his eucharistic celebration.

When life's deserts are hot, the mountains high and the valleys deep, we find great comfort and joy in the awareness that Jesus loves us. His presence in the Eucharist speaks to our heart of his overwhelming love, a love which wants to be with us at all times.

When we contemplate God's loving presence among us, our hearts can certainly exclaim with the Israelites: "Manna–what is this?"

The Bread Of Life
David E. Rosage