At Lourdes, even Mary has stepped aside to make way for Christ. There is no place in the world where Christ in the Eucharist is more glorified. The procession of the Eucharist by candlelight is the high point of each day. Here the pilgrims are joined in faith, and all the countries of the world are united as the procession winds from the grotto to show that Jesus is the Gift of the Virgin Mary. Now she stands at the side of her Son so that He may console.

The Eucharist in our churches and in our shrines creates a world of its own. It breathes an atmosphere of faith, love, hope and hospitality. Most of us who do not live sheltered lives find ourselves between the noisy, worldly, excited environment in which we are forced to live and the peaceful presence of the Eucharist. The Eucharist obliges us worldlings to build for ourselves an inner retreat, an underground refuge. We have lost much ground. As the poet says, "the world is too much with us." We have forgotten the necessity for the delicate balance, and the noise has consumed us. We can retrace our steps, I suppose, if we get rid of all that distracts us from Christ. There are too many plans and programs and directives I would think. When Pius X was asked his program, he pointed to the cross and said, "That is my program." So the Eucharist is our program, our directive. We must tear down the walls that have estranged us from the prayer of the Eucharist in our churches to bring Christ near to us.

An Audience With Jesus
Msgr. John F. Davis