And if Our Lord took such delight in Gemma's Communions, was it possible for His Sweet Mother, who in her turn so tenderly loved this angelic girl, not to take the same delight in them? After the many marvels we have seen up to this, I do not think anyone will be tempted to doubt the veracity of another fact that I am about to relate. It is of the Blessed Virgin, who sometimes joined the Angels of the Eucharist to assist at Gemma's Holy Communion. At the unexpected vision the good child went into ecstasy, palpitating with joy at her Mother's feet. "How delightful it is," she said to me afterwards, "to receive Holy Communion in company with my Mother of Paradise! I did so yesterday, the 8th of May. I had never before received Holy Communion in her company. Do you know, father, in what all the outpourings of my heart consisted during those moments? In these words: O Mother! My Mother!"

The Life of Gemma Galgani
Fr. Germanus, C.P.