St. John of the Cross, who with St. Teresa of Avila restored the unmitigated rule to the Carmelite Order and founded the Discalced branch of this order, was occasionally irradiated with light. It is claimed that after one of his Masses a student saw him aglow and was so impressed that he eventually entered the religious life.

At the convent of Caravaca, when a new prioress was to be elected, St. John offered holy Mass and prayed that the newly elected would be blessed with the wisdom and grace to fullfil the office to the satisfaction and pleasure of God. During this Mass a heavenly light engulfed the saint. Two of the nuns thought it proceeded from the tabernacle, but when the saint turned around, the rays were seen to originate from his face. Another sister observed the same as she stood by a different grille.

Eucharistic Miracles
Joan Carroll Cruz