"Standing in front of the congregation holding the wine cup was not a difficult job, nor did it make me nervous. However, as I held the cup during communion at one Saturday evening Mass, I was given an insight as to what it contained. That little glass cup held the blood of Jesus Christ. Not wine and water, but the same Blood that dripped from Jesus' wounds and crown of thorns some 2,000 years ago. Although it has a different form now, it is, to Catholics, the same Blood that fell from His back after the scourging at the pillar. These few ounces in the small cup also stained the wood of the Cross. The humanity of Jesus became strikingly apparent to me as I stood looking down into the cup."

"I had a true sense of awe as I realized that this is the same blood shared by our Christian ancestors while they hid in the catacombs in Rome; the same blood which all the Popes have raised in offering to God."

"Now, every time I hold the cup, I firmly understand that this is Jesus' Blood. I still feel no sense of worthiness or unworthiness, but I do sense the value and actuality of what is in that cup."

Healing Through The Mass
Fr. Robert DeGrandis, S.S.J.