Another healing involving the Eucharist happened in Sydney, Australia. A woman came to a place where Father Kevin and I were speaking. She came up to me in a hallway to ask me to pray with her. She was desperate because she was suffering from stomach cancer. She had a tumor which caused great swelling. The doctors had told her there was little point in operating because it had spread too extensively. I knew there was a Mass that afternoon, so I told her I'd pray with her, but I also told her to go to Mass and to ask Jesus to heal her...

That night, when we were having a rally, a woman came running up the aisle of the hall and she threw her arms around me saying, "Sister, it happened! It happened... Look at me. I came to you this morning. I went to Mass as you said. When I was walking up to communion, I said to myself, 'In a few minutes, I am going to meet Jesus. I'm going to take him in my hand and I will ask him for his help.'"

While she was a Catholic who received communion often, this time she looked at the sacred Host and said, "I know you are really here. Today when you come into me, take away this fear. Heal me if you want, but please do something for me."

She told me, "I had no sooner put the Host on my tongue and swallowed it than I felt as though something was burning my throat and down into my stomach. I looked down at my stomach and the growth was gone."

That woman was healed. I wonder how many of us come to the Eucharist only physically present, without any expectant faith, any excitement over what we are doing. Perhaps we come to the Eucharist only for what we get out of it and we do not thank God or praise him for giving himself to us.

Miracles Do Happen
Sr. Breige McKenna, O.S.C.