I am the lover of purity and giver of all holiness. I seek a pure heart, and there will I dwell (Acts 7:49; Isa 66:1). Prepare and make ready for Me a large upper room, and there will I and My disciples eat the Passover (Mark 14:15; Luke 22:12) with you. If you wish Me to come and dwell with you, purify the old leaven (1 Cor 5:7), and cleanse the dwelling of your heart. Exclude the whole world and its sinful clamour; sit there alone, like a sparrow on the roof-top (Ps 52:7), and consider your sinfulness in bitterness of soul. (Isa 38:15). For every loving person prepares the best and fairest room for his dear friend, and in doing so, shows his affection.

However, know that even your best efforts cannot make a worthy preparation for Me, although you were to prepare for a whole year and do nothing else beside. It is of My mercy and grace alone that you are allowed to approach My table; as though a beggar were invited to a rich man's supper, and could offer no return for his kindness save humble gratitude (Luke 14:12). Do whatever lies in your power, and do it earnestly, not out of habit or necessity, but with awe and reverent love receive the Body of your Lord and God, who deigns to come to you. It is My invitation and My bidding: I will supply whatever is lacking in you. Come, therefore, and receive Me.

The Imitation of Christ
Thomas a Kempis