All my life I've been saying the Kyrie Eleison at Mass. Finally one day it dawned on me, many years after I was ordained into the priesthood, "Lord, have mercy!" I never heard it so deeply before. We are like sponges floating on an ocean of mercy, crying "Mercy." All we need is the capacity to receive, like the sponge. When a sponge has a capacity to receive, water rushes in and the sponge is filled. As we forgive, and receive His forgiveness, then we can soak up the mercy. Mercy means love and forgiveness in action. Psalm 51:1 says, "Have mercy on me, O God, in Your goodness... " The Lord extends His arms to us and says, "Receive my forgiveness, my pardon, my mercy." As you open your heart and say, "Lord, I receive," the dry sponge that has been floating on an ocean of mercy begins to soak up all that waiting grace.

The Lord then holds you up tenderly to His Father, covered in His precious blood, and says, "Mercy." The accuser, the devil, interrupts angrily and asks, "But what about this... and this... and this?" The Father ignores the accuser, looks down at you and sees someone clean and free and whole, washed in the blood of His Son." His heart overflows with joy as He says, "Come, beloved of my Son." There is no time with God. Because He lives in the eternal now He sees us in glory already, and is so happy with our presence.

Healing Through the Mass
Fr. Robert DeGrandis, S.S.J.