"From the Elevation to the Agnus Dei, she prayed for the souls in purgatory, presenting Jesus on the Cross to His Father that He might accomplish what she could not. At this moment, she was often rapt out of herself and, indeed, she sometimes fell into ecstasy even before the Consecration.

"At the Communion, she reflected on Christ laid in the tomb, and begged Almighty God to annihilate in us the old man and clothe us with the new.

"If at Mass or any other service, she listened to the music, she would exclaim: 'Ah, how sweet is harmony! Inanimate creatures accord so perfectly, why should not men's hearts do the same! How charming that would be!'–and the thought made her shed tears.

"Once, during the Christmas Midnight-Mass, she saw the Infant Jesus above the chalice, and what appeared to her strange was that the celebrant seemed to hold the Infant by the feet, notwithstanding which, she saw the chalice too. She often saw an Infant in the Host, but He was very small."

Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich
Very Rev. K. E. Schmoger, C.SS.R.