My dear child, today I wish to speak further on the Eucharist, My Presence in the host you receive.

My dear one, how I long for My people to come and receive Me openly and sincerely. I wish for them to tell Me their most intimate feelings, thoughts and worries. I wish for them to share their joyful events, their sorrows and their struggles. I long to advise them, counsel them and comfort them. Oh, if only they would realize it is I they receive and not a piece of man-made host. It is I, in My true presence, Who dwells in you each time you receive Me.

So many of My people and My priests simply, routinely go through the motions. So many of My people, who are My beloved ones, are so entangled and afflicted with self issues! They do not come to share with Me or allow Me to comfort or counsel with My love. They complain of their own afflictions.

It is time My people know the truth, and listen to Me!

I am here for them.

It is I Who humbles Myself to be consecrated to them!

Could they give Me the moment to receive My consecration, and allow My Presence to absorb their being?

Words of Our Lord
I Am Your Jesus Of Mercy
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