A nonbeliever in the Real Presence said: "If I could believe that God is really there on the altar, I think I would fall on my knees and stay there forever." Jesus is probably not demanding this of us, because we also have duties to charity and service to our brothers and sisters. He is probably not asking us to stay kneeling physically, but spiritually he is asking us to do so. In our hearts we can stay in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament while our hands are working, writing, absolving.

A Christian's life, particularly where religious and priests are concerned, must be oriented to the tabernacle. By an ancient tradition, churches have always been "oriented," that is, they look towards the "Orient," because it was in Jerusalem, in the Orient, that Christ died and rose again. So the temple of our hearts must look towards the Orient, towards the Sun of Justice shining on the Church from the Eucharist. Jesus said that where our treasure is, there will our hearts be also (cf. Matt 6:21). Our greatest treasure in this world ("the treasure hidden in the field") is Jesus in the Eucharist, and none other. May our hearts be there, may they return there after our night's rest, may their dwelling place be the tabernacle. It is possible to spend, in spirit, hours and hours on our knees before the Most Holy Sacrament while still working or traveling.

The Eucharist, Our Sanctification
Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa