Happy is he who, back at his seat after Communion, does not need any words, but adores and is silent. On the evening of Holy Thursday, the beloved apostle had rested his head on the breast of Christ; since Holy Thursday, Christ has been resting in the breasts of His friends, not only once but every morning, if they are pure of heart.

The faithful must refrain from giving too much importance to sensible favors received in Communion. Often, a person who suffers from aridity at the Holy Table will recognize suddenly the blessing of this Presence when he least expects it, during the day, when performing some task. Or else, at the moment of a violent temptation he may experience the inner certitude of not being alone, an impression of heavenly security, as if he actually heard the words: "It is I; do not be afraid." What is almost always obtained through frequent Communion is a grace which surpasses all perceptible favors; an increased light and, better still, a new strength in God.

Holy Thursday, An Intimate Remembrance
Francois Mauriac