Cana is a delightful story of loving concern. Mary's maternal solicitude moved her to intercede with her Son even though his hour had not yet come. The loving heart of Jesus could not turn a deaf ear to his Mother's intercession.

Jesus used this occasion to reveal to us the power of his Mother's intercession; also, to teach us Mary's role as Mother of the Church and intercessor for her children. Changing water into wine is a symbolic sign and a remote preparation for the Eucharist.

At the very first Mass offered on Calvary's heights, Mary again fulfilled her role of intercessor. John gives us this brief account without adjective or adverb, yet so descriptive: "Near the cross of Jesus there stood his Mother (Jn 19:25)..."

The Church has always incorporated Mary's role into the Mass. Mary is the channel through which Jesus came to us. She is also the channel through which we go to Jesus...

As Queen-Mother of our eternal High priest, Mary continues to intercede in heaven as she did on earth. Her intercession at Nazareth drew down our Redeemer. Her intercession on Calvary opened the floodgates of God's mercy. Her intercession in the Upper Room called down the Holy Spirit upon the disciples, and the Church was born.

The Bread Of Life
David E. Rosage