The Lord Jesus came among us to share in all our miseries and humanity. By His love, He transformed suffering into sacrifice, bringing salvation to all of us. Now He invites you and me to unite our sufferings with His, with even the little love we can muster up, to be a sacrifice bringing His salvation to those in need. He invites all of us to be partners in His continued work of redemption...

The teaching about offering our own selves along with the Immaculate Victim is made even more explicit in the main document of Vatican II, the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, which spells out the many aspects of our lives we should offer, exercising our baptismal priesthood:

[As for the lay faithful,]... all their works, prayers, and apostolic endeavors, their ordinary married and family life, their daily labor, their mental and physical relaxation, if carried out in the Spirit, and even the hardships of life, if patiently borne‚Äďall of these become spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Christ Jesus (see I Pt. 2:5). During the celebration of the Eucharist, these sacifices are most lovingly offered to the Father along with the Lord's Body. Thus, as worshippers whose every deed is holy, laity consecrate the world itself to God. (Lumen Gentium, #34).

Living Eucharist, Counter-Sign To Our Age
Fr. George W. Kosicki, C.S.B.