The secret of Therese Neumann's abundant life despite her complete abstinence from all earthly food is revealed in her statement that she is sustained by a heavenly food, the Body of her Eucharistic Lord.

On Palm Sunday evening, 1930, the third year of absolute fast, Father Hartl asked Resl if she was hungry. "You know very well that I do not eat," she answered. The curate of the village church then asked, "Do you wish to be greater than the Saviour? He ate when He was on earth." Therese smiled and said: "The Saviour can do all things. Or do you not think He is all-powerful?" Turning to the other priest present, Father Helmut Fahsel of Berlin, she declared with great earnestness: "The Saviour sustains me. He said, 'My body is food indeed,' so why shouldn't it be actually true for once, if He wills it?"

The Story of Therese Neumann
Albert Paul Schimberg