Did you know that every Sunday, at all the masses in all the Catholic churches in the world, millions of people join in prayers for healing?

The fact that most people are surprised by that statement merely shows our lack of attention to the words we pray. For every Catholic immediately recognizes the prayer I am talking about, which the priest and congregation recite together just before Communion: "Lord, I am not worthy to receive you. But only say the word, and I shall be healed."

As even that one prayer indicates, the Eucharist is truly a sacrament of healing. The Eucharist celebrates our covenant with God–the covenant that frees us from sin and from all the effects of sin, including affliction and death. Through the Eucharist we take part in Jesus' sacrifice of his very life, the sacrifice that has become life and healing for us.

The Eucharist brings us into the most intimate possible contact with Jesus himself. His Blood flows through our veins; his Body becomes one with ours. His mind touches our mind; his very being touches our being. When we enter this moment with real awareness of what is happening and with genuine faith in the Lord's presence, how can it help but be a moment of healing? "With faith in your love and mercy I eat your body and drink your blood. Let it not bring me condemnation, but health in mind and body."

Healing: God's Work Among Us
Fr. John Bertolucci