A young priest phoned me, very anxious and afraid. He had just found out he had cancer of the vocal chords and he had to have his voice box removed in three weeks. He was telling me he was desperate. He had been ordained only about six years.

As I prayed with him, I felt the Lord wanted me to tell him about the Eucharist. I said, "Father, I can pray with you now on the phone, and I will, but this morning, didn't you meet Jesus? Don't you meet him every day?"

What I didn't know was that this priest didn't celebrate Mass daily.

I told him, "Father, every single day when you go to Mass, when you take that sacred Host, when you eat it, you meet Jesus. The woman only touched the hem of Jesus' cloak. But you touch Jesus and receive him into your body. You have him as food. Do you realize that Jesus is actually going down through your throat? There is no better one to go to than Jesus. You ask Jesus to heal you."

I heard him crying over the phone. He kept saying to me, "Oh, Sister, thank you. Thank you."

Three weeks later, he went in for his surgery. He phoned me later to tell me that he didn't have the surgery. The doctors discovered the cancer was gone and he had brand new vocal chords.

Miracles Do Happen
Sr. Briege McKenna, O.S.C.