At last the most wonderful of all days arrived. Every little detail of those heavenly hours is with me still. I remember how joyfully we woke at dawn, the grave and tender kisses of the nuns, the dressing room where we were all clothed, and, above all, our entering the chapel and singing the morning hymn: "O blessed altar, ringed with angels."

Oh, how sweet the first kiss of Jesus was! It was a kiss of love. I knew that I was loved and I declared: "I love You and I give myself to You for ever!" Jesus made no demand on me; He asked for no sacrifices. For a long time Jesus and little Therese had gazed at each other and they understood each other. On that day it was no longer a matter of gazing: it was a union. There were no longer two of us. Therese had disappeared like a drop of water lost in the depth of the ocean. Only Jesus remained–as Master and King. For had not Therese begged Him to take away her freedom? Freedom frightened her, for she knew herself to be so weak and feeble that she wished to be united with the divine Power for ever.

The Story of a Soul
St. Therese of Lisieux