On the Feast of St. Augustine, as God showed Gertrude the merits of many saints, she desired to know something of the merits of St. Agnes, whom she had loved from her very infancy with the greatest tenderness and devotion. Our Lord yielded to her desire and prayer and showed her that great Saint, so united to His Heart as to indicate her extraordinary innocence and to manifest the truth of what has been said by the Wise Man, that "Incorruption bringeth near to God" (Wis 6: 20). She seemed so near God, that it appeared as if no one in heaven could equal her innocence and love.

From this she learned that there is not an instant in which God does not place before Him the devotion and joy which holy souls either have felt or will yet feel from the sweet words of St. Agnes which are recited by the Church and that He causes the pleasure which He finds therein to pour forth from His Heart into that of this holy virgin, which is so intimately united to His, while she becomes marvelously adorned thereby with new jewels, casting rays of light every moment into those souls who rejoice in her devotion.

The Revelations of Saint Gertrude
Monsignor Wm. J. Doheny, C.S.C.