Her meditation over, Mother joined her clear, melodious voice with those of the sisters who were reciting the Office. When she thus recited the Office with them all the sisters felt exhilarated in their devotion. The penetrating accentuation with which she recited the psalms manifested audibly how deeply she felt the meaning of these inspired hymns. Who of her daughters does not remember, as they heard it exemplified, the special emphasis with which she used to pronounce the words: "Si iniquitatis observaveris, Domine, Domine, quis sustinebit"? When pronounced in this manner, the Office was an excellent preparation for receiving Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. This was her Beloved! Mother had yearned for Him the whole day before; every action of the afternoon had been offered in anticipation of the coming of the Divine Guest. Her last thought before retiring was of the tabernacle; and her first on rising was of her strong desire to receive Jesus. After saying the Confiteor, which she inspired the sisters also to recite in a loud voice, she would rise and go to the holy table. As she moved, she seemed to fly rather than to walk, so light and so swift was her step. For the children, it was always a fresh and joyful sight to watch Mother Cabrini going to and coming from Holy Communion, because the raptures of her soul were delineated on her countenance from which radiated supernal expression.

Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini
Mother Saverio De Maria, M.S.C.