The great evil of the times is that people do not go to Jesus Christ as their Savior and their God. The sole basis, law, and grace of salvation is set aside. The malaise of sterile piety is that it does not share or draw its vitality from Jesus Christ; it stops short along the way; it distracts itself with externals. But divine love has its life, its center uniquely in the sacrament of the Eucharist...

What must be done? Return to the source of life: not merely to Jesus of history in Judea or to Jesus glorified in heaven, but to Jesus in the Eucharist. He must not long be neglected but placed again at the head of Christian society, which he will direct and save... He must have faithful servants, a family of friends, an adoring people.

Thus, this is the mission and glory of our century, which will come to rank as great among the greatest ages and as holiest among the most holy. It is a fact that an age waxes or wanes in proportion to the worship of the divine Eucharist. It is there that is found the life and the measure of its faith, its charity, and its vitality. May the reign of the Eucharist come about more and more. For too long impiety and ingratitude have been allowed to hold sway over the world! Adveniat regnum tuum. Thy kingdom come. (St. Peter Julian Eymard, Le Tres Saint Sacrement , Juin 1864)

The Real Presence Through The Ages
Fr. Michael L. Gaudoin-Parker