The Holy Mass of Padre Pio in the little chapel was his life, his calvary, his crucifixion, his paradise. It lasted about three hours. I would follow him with great attention and emotion in the various phases of the celebration. At the Memento for the Living, his meditation was deep, lengthy, interminable, and interrupted only by some painful sighs. He proceeded slowly in the painful ascent of his mystical calvary, and he arrived exhausted to his crucifixion. The moment of Consecration was the climax of his passion, it was the crucifixion with Jesus. As he pronounced the words of the Consecration, one noted on his pale and exhausted face, the signs of indescribable internal suffering, the horrible martyrdom of the tortured one on the cross.

He looked like Jesus Crucified.

Padre Pio Of Pietrelcina
Padre Alberto D'Apolito