A man who lived near the church wondered what the new Cure was doing in there so very early each morning. One morning, long before dawn, when the man saw a tiny candle making its way from the rectory through the darkness across the cemetery, he sneaked over to the church and peeked in to find out for himself. There was the pastor, pouring out his heart to Jesus hidden in the Blessed Sacrament! "Ah," said the man, "he is not like other men!" What did the Cure say to his blessed Jesus? Henri Gheon has given us his version of the Cure's prayer. Prostate on the floor or kneeling with outstretched hands, the Cure thus prayed or groaned or wept out his heart:

"My God, my all, You see how I love You, and I do not love you enough.

"My God, You have given me all; behold the little that I give You. Give me the strength to give more.

"My God, here is all–take all; but convert my parish. If You do not convert it, it will be because I have not deserved it.

"My God, I count my merits as nothing, but Yours are infinite. May they win for me the grace of suffering.

"My God, I consent to suffer all that You may wish for all my life... for a hundred years... and the most bitter suffering, but convert them... "

(St. John Vianney, The Cure of Ars)

The Cure Of Ars, Patron Saint Of Parish Priests
Fr. Bartholomew O'Brien