Divine Savior, while I meditate on the proofs of Your Presence under the Eucharistic veils, enlighten my mind, enkindle my heart, and inspire me with that keen and living faith which is already a vision of Your Eternal Beauty.

Jesus Christ is present in the Eucharist with His Body, His Blood, His Soul, and His Divinity. Do you want clear and convincing proof of it?

Let us cite only one example: A priest was saying Mass in a church of the town of Bolsena and, after pronouncing the words of consecration, doubted the reality of the Body of Jesus Christ in the Sacred Host. At that same instant the Sacred Host was all covered with blood. It seemed as though Jesus Christ would reproach his minister for his infidelity, and make him sorry for it and, at the same time, show us by this great miracle how firmly convinced we ought to be of His Holy Presence in the Eucharist. The Sacred Host shed blood with such abundance that the corporal, the cloth, and the altar, itself, were covered with it.

The Pope, who was informed of this miracle, ordered that this corporal, all blood-stained, should be brought to him; and, being sent to the town of Orvieto it was received there with great pomp and exposed in the church. Every year this precious relic is still carried in procession on the Feast of Corpus Christi. Ought not that to confirm our faith? But, my God, what need of proofs have we after the very words of Jesus Christ?

St. John Vianney