Father Leloir was interned at Buchenwald, where at 6 p.m. each day the prisoners and deportees were lined up for inspection by the S.S. troops. On the evening of August 23, 1944, Father Leloir had carefully concealed on his person a small white envelope containing six consecrated Hosts, which he intended to distribute secretly among his comrades. The presence of the Blessed Sacrament on the person of the priest was known to several fellow-prisoners.

Consternation filled all when the soldiers began to search the prisoners one by one. What would be the fate of the priest when the envelope containing the Hosts was found? Too well they knew what punishment would be given him. And what unspeakable irreverence would be done to the Sacred Hosts!

Down the line the S.S. troops contemptuously searched each man, and finally came Father Lelior's turn. Into his pockets one after another the Nazi soldiers pried, and found the "evidence." Father Leloir stood erect, a trifle pale, but silently praying to the Lord whose Precious Body was within the folds of the white envelope. His companions trembled and grew faint.

With an insolent air the S.S. guard tore open the envelope. Several prisoners gasped. Father Leloir stared in open amazement–as the Nazi soldiers threw the envelope scornfully to the ground saying: "Just an empty envelope."

Just an empty envelope! The Hosts had disappeared! To prevent the desecration of the Sacred Hosts and to save the priest and his fellow Catholics from certain punishment, perhaps death, Our Lord had worked this "little miracle!"

Immaculata Magazine