The Blessed Sacrament attracts the saints in certain wonderful ways: while on the other hand the saints have sometimes the power to attract the Blessed Sacrament... It is because of this that we read so often in the lives of the saints that our Lord has appeared to them in such or such a form, and most often in the guise of an infant... Our Lord appeared as a child to St. Ida three times successively, and each time greater than before, and she was deluged with joy for forty days. St. Veronica of Binasco, saw Him with her bodily eyes, all environed with angels... Vaulem, the Cistercian, saw in the Host the Infant Jesus, holding in His hand a crown of gold adorned with precious stones. He was whiter than snow, His countenance serene, and His eyes sparkling.

When Peter of Toulouse was holding the Host over the chalice at Mass, the Infant Jesus appeared to him in marvelous beauty. Frightened at the brightness, he shut his eyes; but the vision still continued. He turned his head aside; but still he saw our Lord, sometimes on his hand, sometimes on his arm, whichever way he turned. The same thing happened to him almost every day for three or four months.

A parish priest at Moncada, in the kingdom of Valentia, was tormented by doubts about the validity of his ordination. One Christmas day, while he was saying Mass, a little girl four years and a half old saw a Babe in his hands, instead of the Host, at the elevation. He bade her watch the next day, and the same thing occurred. Not content with that, he took with him to the altar three altar breads, consecrated two of them, communicated with one of them, and then showed the other two to the child. She at once perceived the same vision in the consecrated Host, but not in the other.

The Blessed Sacrament
Fr. Frederick William Faber, D.D