Active participation in the Mass, intelligent and humble reception of the Blessed Sacrament with a pure heart and the desire of perfect charity–these are the great remedies for the resentment and disunity that are spread by materialism. Here in this greatest of sacraments we can find the medicine that will purify our hearts from the contagion which they inevitably contract in a world that does not know God.

But in order to protect ourselves still more, to strengthen our position and to sink our roots deeper into the charity of Christ, it is necessary that we seek opportunities to adore Christ in this Blessed Sacrament and to give testimony to our faith outside the time of Mass. Therefore we visit our churches in order to pray to Him in silence and alone. We go to benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. We make Holy Hours, or we spend time in adoration, by day or by night, before the Sacramental Christ enthroned upon the altar. All these contacts deepen our awareness of the great mystery that is the very heart of the Church and open our souls to the influence of the Son of God "Who gives life to whom He wills" (John 5:21).

The Living Bread
Thomas Merton