St. Pascal Baylon experienced many unusual receptions of the Eucharist. As a Franciscan lay brother, Pascal served his community in a number of lowly positions. He performed many miracles–so many, in fact, that during the consistory that heard the case for his canonization, the number of miracles recounted prompted a cardinal to cry out, "The like has never been seen!"

As an adolescent, Pascal was entrusted with the care of his father's sheep. While on the mountainside, he would often fall on his knees in adoration on hearing the bell that signaled the consecration of the Mass. During these times when his occupation prevented his attendance at services in the church, an angel often appeared before him bearing the Host for his reception.

The saint was distinguished by his ardent love of the Eucharist. When he was able, he would spend hours on his knees before the tabernacle. Often the fervor of his prayers raised him from the ground. During his lifetime he was known by all as the saint of the Blessed Sacrament–thus it was with good reason that Pope Leo XIII proclaimed St. Pascal Baylon the patron of all Eucharistic societies and congresses.

Eucharistic Miracles
Joan Carroll Cruz