"What made me happiest when I left the world was the thought that I would be able to go to communion often, because I had been permitted to go only rarely up to then. I would have been the happiest person in the world if I had been able to receive more often, and spend the night alone before the Blessed Sacrament. I was so unafraid that even though in most things I was very timid, I would not even think of my fears as soon as I was in this place of my delight. The eve of communion days I felt myself buried in such deep silence that I could bring myself to speak only by doing myself violence, on account of the greatness of the action I would accomplish the next day. When I had received communion I would have wished not to have to drink, eat, see, or speak, so great were the consolation and peace I felt. I kept myself hidden as much as possible, to learn in silence how to love my Sovereign Good, who was urging me so powerfully to return him love for love."

... Once, when I yearned to receive communion, my divine Master appeared to me as I was carrying out the sweepings, and said, 'My daughter, I have heard your sighs, and the desires of your heart are so agreeable to me that if I had not already instituted the sacrament of my love, I would do so now for love of you, to have the joy of coming to dwell in your soul and to rest there like a lover in your heart.' This filled me with such great love that I felt my soul completely unnerved, and unable to express itself..."

The Eucharist in the Life of St. Margaret Mary
Joseph Dargaud