During Mass we offer bread and wine which, through the power of God's word, become the Body and Blood of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. We bring a little bread and wine and God transforms them into the Body and Blood of His Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ. The transformation that takes place is a divine act similar to the first miraculous act of creation. One word was necessary to set off a complete change and transformation in nature. The transformation of the bread and wine takes place invisibly, but in a concrete way. This is an act by which God prepares the food and drink for the road through life on which His people are journeying.

The coming about of the transformation is not only an act, but is also an invitation for every believer to become a new person, day after day. The divine transformation begins to change the individual's life into an offering, so that he in turn may be able to offer, to be offered and to receive the offerings of gifts. In this, our immense gratitude for the Eucharistic sacrifice is expressed. We are involved in such a way as to grow into a continuous offering to God and to become new bread so that new words can develop in us and spread from our renewed hearts. This is the beginning of that accomplishment of peace for which we are summoned through the Eucharist.

Celebrate Mass With Your Heart
Fr. Slavko Barbaric, O.F.M.