Mary Ann Cortes was healed through the Mass. She spent seventeen years in mental hospitals in the New Orleans, Louisiana area, on every drug treatment program available for manic depressive patients except shock therapy. She encountered the healing Jesus during Mass, and over the course of several months was totally healed. The Lord took away the illness, and took away the fear, so that she could truly say, "I'm not afraid of the morning anymore." The Lord accomplished what no psychiatrist had been able to do. The testimony of her healing has deeply touched hundreds of lives.

"I am coming to know that the Eucharist is the greatest healing sacrament," Mary Ann says, "and that every Mass is a healing service. For seventeen years I was in and out of every mental hospital in the region of New Orleans, Louisiana. I was diagnosed as manic depressive and given almost every treatment available to psychiatric patients. The doctors gave up hope of my recovering my mental health, and doomed me to a life of mood-altering drugs. When I went to bed at night I would pray that I would die in my sleep, I was so afraid of waking up to another day of terror. After I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and began to attend healing Masses, I became mentally, emotionally and physically well. Today I am a new person in Christ. I'm not afraid of the morning anymore.

"In each Mass I unite all that I am with His sacrifice. In that union with Him I receive into my being the risen life of Jesus, which transforms me more and more. I identify with Him and receive His life. The more I actively participate in the Mass, the more real He becomes to me. Jesus Himself enters into me and heals me from the inside."

Healing Through the Mass
Fr. Robert DeGrandis, S.S.J.