The Order of the Day for the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus begins at five o'clock in the morning. Mother's began an hour earlier. On the night before, she was accustomed to placing her alarm clock under her pillow, so as not to fail in her appointment with Jesus at four o'clock, the hour of her meditation. Frankly speaking, Mother was much too frail to interrupt her sleep so early, but the hour of meditation prescribed by the rule did not satisfy the yearning of her being to enjoy the balm of divine intimacy. When she went to the chapel for the second hour's meditation, her whole attitude (though there was not the slightest sign of affectation) revealed that she was completely immersed in the Divine Presence. One day, during the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, a sister brought her a telegram. Observing that Mother made no response, the sister put the telegram on the prie-dieu. Then, perceiving that Mother still did not move, the sister looked into her face. She saw there a seraphic expression, the eyes openly fixed upon the Sacred Heart; but Mother was not able to see nor hear anything that was going on around her.

Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini
Mother Saverio De Maria, M.S.C.