"Contemplate Me in the prison where I spent the greater part of the night. The soldiers came and, adding words to injuries, insulted Me, mocked Me, outraged Me, and gave Me blows on My face and on My whole body.

"Tired of their sport, at length they left Me bound and alone in the dark and noisome place, where, seated on a stone, My aching body was cramped with cold.

"Compare the prison with the Tabernacle... and especially with the hearts that receive Me. "In the prison I spent only part of one night... but in the Tabernacle, how many days and nights?

"In the prison I was insulted and ill-treated by soldiers who were My enemies. In the Tabernacle most often it is they who call Me their Father who treat Me thus, but how unlike that of children is the treatment!...

"In the prison I endured cold, sleeplessness, hunger and thirst, pain, shame, solitude, and desertion. And there passed before My mind's eye all the tabernacles where in the course of ages I should lack the shelter of love... the icy-cold hearts that would be as hard and unfeeling as the stones of the prison floor were to My numbed and wounded body.

"And how often should I wait for this or that other soul to visit Me in the Blessed Sacrament and receive Me into his heart... how many nights should I spend longing for his coming... but he would let business or carelessness or anxiety for his health get the better of him... and he would not come!...

O! if they would thus unite themselves to Me, with what peace would they face difficulties... how much fortitude they would win and how they would gladden My Heart!"

The Way of Divine Love
Words of Our Lord to Sr. Josefa Menendez