Only during the war could Father Kolbe realize his lifelong dream: daily adoration of the most Blessed Sacrament. Brother Benedict Mieczkowski recounts:

Immediately after his return from prison [1939], Father Maximilian introduced adoration of the most Blessed Sacrament throughout the entire day. He regarded this as the most efficacious means for meeting the needs of Niepokalanow and of his country. He announced this in the refectory and ordered me to assign groups of friars from each work sector to take turns adoring for a half-hour each. On each turn, there were several friars. In this way, each, including Father Maximilian, had his own time of adoration each day. Great care and attention were given to this activity. Often, in the early days, he himself would check and remind the brothers of this commitment, so that they would come to realize it as a duty and consider it of vital importance. But above all, he encouraged us with his example, more than once going to the chapel to take the place of someone absent. When he did not feel well, he would get his cane and, leaning on it, would take his place in the chapel for the period of adoration assigned him immediately after the afternoon rest, sometime between 3 and 4 p.m.

For The Life Of The World: Saint Maximilian And The Eucharist
Jerzy Domanski, O.F.M. Conv.