Although this blessed child was always deep in thought, and always found herself in spirit before the sacred Tabernacle, yet she was not fully satisfied unless she could go to church, and there adore her hidden God... she contented herself with going to Church only twice a day. In the morning when she went to hear Mass and receive Holy Communion, and in the evening for the public Adoration. "I am going to Jesus," she used to say, "let us go to Jesus. He is all alone and no one thinks of Him. Poor Jesus!" On entering the sacred building she turned her first anxious gaze towards the Tabernacle. Then devoutly recollected and as if quite alone before the Altar of the Blessed Sacrament she remained kneeling motionless in prayer. She never turned her eyes from where they were first fixed, and except for the glow on her face and occasional tears that trickled down her cheeks, you would not have distinguished her from any others attentively engaged in prayer. "Oh ! what immense happiness and joy," she has said, "my heart feels before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament! And if Jesus would allow me to enter the sacred Tabernacle where He, Soul, Body, Blood and Divinity is present, should I not be in Paradise?" And turning to Our Lord Himself in His Sacrament, "Jesus," she exclaimed, "Soul of my soul, my Paradise, Holy Victim, behold me all Thine. I felt that Thou wert seeking me and I ran." And then with filial confidence she continued to say that she had come to keep Him company, and offer herself wholly to Him, and present Him some little acts of virtue practiced for His love, and to receive any orders He might wish to give her, or at least to listen to some sweet word. But above all, to ask His Love, Love, Love.

The Life of Gemma Galgani
Fr. Germanus, C.P.