Visiting the Blessed Sacrament we, like John at the Last Supper, rest our heads on his loving heart. In partaking of the Eucharist we build our house on Christ and he blesses us with his immense graces, which weaken our yearning for sin, the food of swine.

In the Holy Eucharist Jesus has bound himself to us unreservedly, a pact of love. We are weak, he is strong. We are cowardly, he gives us courage. It is no doubt bold for us sinners to approach Christ, but it is he who gives us our boldness. And with Christ we can no longer think of ourselves. He embraces us as we cross the threshold of the church. His love casts away our fear. We encounter Supreme Love. What could be greater?

Love joins us to him, overcoming our childish weakness. Love compels us to remain in his arms, where there is mercy, where we are free from fear, where he unveils our stupid pride and gives us loving humility.

St. Teresa of Avila said, "O God, we do not understand ourselves and we do not know what we want and we do not do what we wish; O how difficult it is to make this understood by hearts which do not know by experience how sweet is the Lord."

We can only pity those not devoted to the Eucharist, who live in confusion. We turn to Christ in the Blessed Sacrament with tear-filled eyes, the source of our great blessings, and thank him with all our hearts for this gift of gifts.

Homiletic & Pastoral Review: June 1994
Fr. Rawley Myers, Ph.D.