The testimony of the Fathers of the Church also assures us of the Real Presence in the most Holy Eucharist. There is no writer or teacher of the Apostolic times who would doubt, or would fail to affirm that truth.

The first to give such testimony is St. Andrew, the Apostle. Witnesses of his martyrdom tell us that the dying saint thus addressed Edeus, who ordered him to offer sacrifice to the gods: "I offer daily to the Almighty God, the Immaculate Lamb. Though he is really offered, and the faithful eat his flesh, he remains whole and entire and alive. "

St. Justin, martyr, about the year 150 wrote: "Let us take unto our hand that blessed bread, not an ordinary bread, but the flesh and blood of Jesus, the Word made Flesh" (Apol. 2 ad Ant.).

St. Irenaeus asks: "How can anyone say that our bodies, which are nourished on the flesh and blood of Christ, are brought to perdition? Our bodies, tasting of the Eucharist, are no longer corruptible, but have the hope of resurrection."

Immaculata Magazine: August 1976