Just suppose that it was announced that Jesus would be at your parish church next Sunday at 9:30 a.m.! People would be coming from all over the country, clamoring to see Jesus or to get a glimpse of Him. People would come days beforehand and find a place to stay and begin reserving seats in the church. There would be so much commotion that you wouldn't be able to get near your church. Police, television crews, and news media would be everywhere! All to see Jesus. Well, He IS there EVERY SUNDAY, and in many churches around the world, EVERY DAY! How blinded we have become to this reality! How blind we are to SEEING Jesus in the consecrated Host and in the Precious Blood! Are our eyes affixed on Jesus Truly Present in Holy Eucharist? Do we receive Him in Body and Blood with reverence and awe? Do we really want to be in union with God? Do we wish to walk in the Light which is Jesus Christ?

Walking In The Light
Ann Ross Fitch & Fr. Robert DeGrandis, S.S.J.