Whenever anyone is unavoidably prevented, then so long as he preserves a goodwill and holy desire for Communion, he will not lose the benefits of the Sacrament. For anyone who sincerely desires it may on any day and at any hour make unhindered a Spiritual Communion with Christ to the health of his soul. Nonetheless, on certain Feasts and at certain Seasons he ought to receive the Body of his Redeemer sacramentally with love and reverence, and seek the honour and praise of God before his own consolation. For as often as anyone receives mystic communion and spiritual refreshment, he recalls with devotion the mystery of the Incarnation and Passion of Christ, and is roused anew to love of Him. But he who prepares himself only at the approach of a Festival, or when custom prescribes it, will often be entirely unprepared.

Blessed is the man who, whenever he celebrates the Eucharist or receives Communion, offers himself to Our Lord as a living sacrifice. And when celebrating, be neither too slow nor too hurried, but observe the common usage of those with whom you are living. Be careful not to cause irritation or weariness to others, but observe the customs appointed by the Fathers, and consider the benefit of others before your personal devotion or preference.

The Imitation of Christ
Thomas A Kempis