For if what I see is an image it is a living image–not a dead man but the living Christ. And He shows me that He is both Man and God–not as He was in the sepulchre, but as He was when He left it after rising from the dead. Sometimes He comes with such majesty that no one can doubt it is the Lord Himself; this is especially so after Communion, for we know that He is there, since the Faith tells us so. He reveals Himself so completely as the Lord of that inn, the soul, that it feels as though it were wholly dissolved and consumed in Christ. O my Jesus, if one could but describe the majesty with which Thou dost reveal Thyself! How completely art Thou Lord of the whole world, and of the heavens, and of a thousand other worlds, and of countless worlds and heavens that Thou has created! And the majesty with which Thou dost reveal Thyself shows the soul that to be Lord of this is nothing for Thee.

The Autobiography of St. Teresa of Avila
St. Teresa of Avila