Tranquil peace and gratitude filled Josefa's heart, and so she went to Mass, then to Holy Communion. On returning to her place, she at once renewed the complete offering of her whole person to her good and beloved Master, definitely abandoning herself into His hands for ever. Jesus ratified the offering:

"It is on account of your nothingness and utter misery that you must let Me kindle your heart's fire, consume and destroy it. You surely know that 'nothing' and 'misery' cannot resist... "

Josefa spent the whole day under the power of "Love that gives"... "and Love that humbles Itself before Its own"... She would hear these words from Our Lord's lips while in the silence and recollection of that day she lived through the ceremonies of religious life, the last actions, the last outpourings of the love of our Saviour among His own.

At about four in the afternoon, Josefa was at prayer in her cell near a statue of Our Blessed Lady and was thinking over the mysterious words of Jesus, when He Himself appeared.

"Yes, Josefa, I did indeed say that Love gives Itself to Its own and it is true... Come, draw near My Heart and enter in, and taste and see what its overwhelming emotions are. Love gives Itself as food to Its own and this food is the substance which gives them their life and sustains them. Love humbles Itself before Its own... and in so doing raises them to the highest dignity. Love surrenders Itself in totality, It gives in profusion and without reserve. With enthusiasm, with vehemence It is sacrificed, It is immolated, It is given for those It loves... The Holy Eucharist is love to the extreme of folly."

The Way of Divine Love
Words of Our Lord to Sr. Josefa Menendez