Before the Blessed Sacrament the devout pilgrim on the journey finds comfort and consolation, for the Savior whispers his secrets to them. They know what the busy people of this world, rushing around, never know; they know Christ better than the busy clergy rushing from meeting to meeting.

With Jesus life makes sense. They are happy of heart; without friendship with him, life is insane and not worth living. They know that he is the gateway to heaven. So the thought of death makes them even more faithful to him. Most pagans think of death and plunge themselves into an even more frenzied hedonistic life. But those devoted to our Eucharistic Lord have hope. Their refuge is Jesus and his love. He awaits us in the tabernacle to give us courage and to lift up our disheartened souls. How obtuse are those who ignore him or are too busy for him. Jesus is joy. They are looking around everywhere, searching desperately for happiness, and they do not see him.

The Blessed Sacrament is where we can find rest for our restless, weary souls. The Eucharist binds us to Christ who said, "Come to me, you who are weary. I will comfort you."

Homiletic & Pastoral Review, June 1994
Fr. Rawley Myers, Ph.D.